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Christmas Come Early | Drinks By The Dram Advent Calendars


Thank you Drinks by the Dram, for ridding us of our inner Ebenezer Scrooge. We’re usually the first to moan about the fact that Christmas goods appear in the shops way too early, mince… Continue reading

Plane Sailing | Squash & Pecan Muffins With The New Microplane Master Series Graters


It’s not very often that we get excited about kitchen gadgets especially one as ordinary as a grater. But this (to coin a phrase) isn’t just any grater, this is a Microplane Master Series… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | Olia Hercules Recipe Kits For Marley Spoon


Marley Spoon has teamed up with Olia Hercules this June – The Observer’s Rising Star of 2015 and author of celebrated cookbook, Mamushka. Olia combines her Ukrainian heritage with Cypriot, Italian, Moldovan, Laos… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | Marley Spoon Family Box Recipe Kits


Cooking for my step children is a never-ending mystery. The eldest used to eat (and try) anything until he got braces and some things had to be ruled out. The youngest one isn’t… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | Marks and Spencer’s New Indian range


How do M&S keep rolling out new ranges without us realising what old products have been ditched? They must be replacing something, right? Surely there’s not enough room for both the old and… Continue reading

Get £10 Off* That Job You’d Rather Not Do | Fantastic Services


I have to admit that we hadn’t heard of Fantastic Services until they got in touch with us in regard to coming to give our oven a clean. Our immediate answer was ‘yes!’… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | Marks and Spencer’s Tastes of the British Isles Range


So, it’s June, it’s meant to be picnic time, but this is Britain where there’s a heat wave one day and rain the next. Our plans of an outdoor lunch with friends at… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | Marks and Spencer’s The Grill Range


OK, now I’m not just saying this and no one paid us to (unfortunately) but honestly, M&S food has never been so good. We tested The Grill range last weekend and were stunned by… Continue reading

You can with Quandoo | International online restaurant booking


You already know that we love eating out and trying new restaurants – our website’s name drops a massive hint! So anything that makes booking a restaurant easier is only ever going to… Continue reading

We road test (get it?) the Deliveroo premium restaurant delivery service


In case you don’t know, Deliveroo is a company that deliver freshly cooked restaurant meals to your door, within an average of 32 minutes with a delivery fee of £2.50. Of course anything… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | The new Marks and Spencer Taste range


It’s becoming increasingly hard to keep up with M&S‘s new ranges, they’re on such a roll at the moment. Not only do they have a new expanse of meat – including pork presa… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | The Marks and Spencer España Tapas range


Tapas is not the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to ready meals. Spanish food is bursting with flavour, for us, it hits a spot that other regions of cooking… Continue reading

Made in heaven | review – designer furniture straight from the manufacturers


We’ve been so preoccupied with our blog of late that our poor little house has been neglected, and you should see the state of the garden. Sure our home is tidy(ish) and clean… Continue reading

TRIED AND TESTED | M&S Healthy eating recipes


When good old M&S asked us to test some healthy eating recipes all under 400 calories per serving we leapt at the chance. We’re both currently gym fiends and try to eat healthily… Continue reading

TRIED & TESTED | The Autumn/Winter food range at M&S


What with full-time jobs, part-time children and a food blog – we are a busy couple. We tend to save cooking for the weekends when we have the luxury of time to invest… Continue reading

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