Looking For The Perfect Food With Unaprol

The “High Quality European Olive Oil” campaign by Unaprol 

Regular readers will know just how much of an affinity we have for Italy, so much so that we even got married there. We love its cities, its beautiful and varied countryside, wine (and limoncello) and most of all, we love its food. That’s why we were more than happy to help promote this great campaign.

we love food its all we eat | High Quality European Olive Oil

Unaprol, the largest association of Italian olive oil producers (co-funded by the EU and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture) is on a mission to raise awareness on the unique qualities of olives and olive oil among as many people as possible. The project main aim is to get across the unique, recognizable quality of their olive oil (and obviously their olives too).

In Italy, the campaign will focus on stimulating consumption and modernizing the image of their products which many believe are rooted in traditional or even old-fashioned ways. Closer to home, in Germany and here in the UK, the campaign will focus on increasing visibility for olives and olive oils. A fab way of promoting the products is by letting people know (or reminding them) of their nutritional benefits, the truth behind the healthy Mediterranean diet and to getting the general public to use olive oil over other traditional fats – sorry butter, your time could be up.

we love food its all we eat | High Quality European Olive Oil

Olive oil have some of that!

The two main producers taking part are OL.MA. and Redoro. OL.MA. is continually striving towards the best olive cultivation, considered in Italy to be both a social and cultural heritage. With the use of the most modern technology available but still showing the greatest respect for tradition, OL.MA. has made the quality of their products its strongest point.

Redoro is located in Grezzanao in the lush green hills of the Valpantena, just north of Verona. They pride themselves on producing high quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. This method of cold pressing maintains and unalters the natural properties of the fruit – that can only be a good thing. The olives are harvested by hand at the exactly at right point of maturation The healthy olives are then selected and brought to the press to be milled the same day.

OL.MA. and Redoro products will be promoted in almost 40 very well-known restaurants in London for five weeks, from the first week of November (as in right now) to the first week of December.

At the restaurants involved with this project you will be able to taste the olive oil at their stands, specially installed for this event. That’s not all, the olives and olive oil has also been incorporated into some selected dishes on the menu.

During the opening period of the olive oil promotional event, their stand will be found in some of the most renowned Italian restaurants in London such as the brilliant Macellaio RC (South Kensington, Exmouth Market, Clapham and Union street), Manitoba (Oxford street), Rosso Pomodoro (Chelsea, Oxford street, Covent Garden, Camden, Hoxton and Swiss Cottage) and lastly in Fratelli La Bufala (Charing Cross, Piccadilly).

So what are you waiting for? Book a table at one of these incredible London restaurants and see just what you’ve been missing. For more information visit www.theperfectfood.eu/en/

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