14 Christmas Gift Ideas, From Just £5.95 | Checkout Christmas 2016


We pick our favourite Christmas gifts for food lovers in our Christmas Checkout. Click the blue links to buy!

1) OK, so this is a tad on the pricey side but have you ever seen a more beautiful nutcracker? Thought not. Alessi Strongman nutcracker, £835, store.wallpaper.com

2) A wine rack that will look good in any home. Honeycomb Gold finish 7 bottle wine rack, £30, habitat.co.uk

3) Part of me hates this product because I came up with the same idea and no one listened to me. Seedlip is the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit with all the goodness from botanicals and it has NO CALORIES. Seedlip Original Spice 94 70cl, £27.95, 31dover.com

4) We’ll forgive Cox & Cox for their misspelling of macaron in this case as these tree decs are just gorgeous. Glass Macarons, £35, coxandcox.co.uk

5) Cheaper plan a bottle of bubbles and far more fun. Fizzy Prosecco Gummies, £5.95, sugarsin.co.uk

6) Gimicky yet useful – this little fella stops cutlery slipping into pans – great name too. Hug Doug, £10.99, qwerkity.com

7) There’s 82,675 small batch distillers in the UK now, well, it certainly feels like it anyway. This one are double gold award winners at the San Francisco World Spirits competition and we just love the packaging. Pothecary Gin, £39.95  for 50cl, theginparlour.com

8) What to buy for someone you’re not going to see at Christmas? Something with chocolate and that fits through their letterbox, that’s what. Chocolate Letterbox Gift Set, £23.95, letterboxgiftshop.com

9) Get the kids keen on cooking, you won’t regret it when they get older and can knock you up decent dinners. Crisp tools for healthy eating – 16 piece cupcake & decorating kit curious chef, £24.95, fruugo.co.uk

10) It doesn’t get more statement necklacey than this one. Lobster Necklace, £45, tattydevine.com

11) This is what their website says and it’s pretty much all you need to know. ‘We’re Australian. We like coffee, we love a drink. So we made Mr Black. Both in a bottle. If you like coffee, drinking and having a good time, we’ll get along just fine.’ Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, £33.25 for 75cl, amazon.co.uk

12) This self-watering herb pot is genius – I reckon even we could keep herbs alive in it. Cole & Mason Self-Watering Triple Potted Herb Keeper, £29.99, johnlewis.com

13) Show us a person who doesn’t need (or want) new kitchen knives and we’ll show you a liar. Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn 5 Piece Kitchen Knife Set in Copper £23.99, selecthomeware.co.uk

14) Christmas and novelty socks go hand in hand. These fast food ones neatly fold down to look like a deep pan slice of pizza or a towering cheese burger. Fast Food Socks, £8.99, firebox.com