There’s A New Monster In Town | Bunzilla, The New Special From Byron Hamburgers

Poor Fred Smith – Byron’s head chef, he has to travel the world in search of inspiration for new specials, must be horrendous for him. His most recent trip to Japan has resulted in the Bunzilla (£10.95). A 6oz soy-glazed patty, topped with miso-roasted bacon and an onion ring for crunch and sweetness, a touch of wasabi mayonnaise, alongside shredded white cabbage, served in a classic bun.

On the side are homemade Japanese-style pickles instead of regular sliced pickle, nice touch. The best bit? It has no cheese! I can’t eat cheese and Fred’s specials are usually pretty cheese-heavy (apart from The Flaming Iceberg, of course.)


So who would win a fight between Bunzilla and B-Rex?


We’ve all had peanut butter milkshake – so Byron have taken it to the next level by adding a little Reese’s magic!

Oh and there’s also a new thick Reese’s Peanut Butter cup milkshake (£4.95) to wash it all down with. Thank the lord for the Mini Byron menu too, Charlotte (12 in May) is just young enough to still get away with ordering from a kids’ menu. They’ve thoughtfuly added one of those fold up pinch and pull fortune teller games that even we used to play as kids. She was feeling poorly on our visit and this helped take her mind of her sore throat, she was literally about to start crying when she spotted it. Phew! Life saver!

Don’t forget, Byron are scattered all over the land from Greenwich to Glasgow.

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