10 Boozy Must-Haves From Just £6.50 | Checkout 2015


BOOZE | CHECKOUT | WE LOVE FOOD IT'S ALL WE EATWe pick our favourite boozy must-haves. Click on the blue links to buy!

1) Heston must have been thinking of us when he came up with this cherry bakewell vodka. Dangerously good. Waitrose Heston Cherry Bakewell Vodka, £24.50, waitrosecellar.com

2) Inspired by Pizza Pilgrims‘ Pococello, we made our own this summer. £12 of Borough Market Amalfi lemons and a mediocre bottle of vodka later, we had something that wasn’t a fraction close to theirs. Pococello, £25, williamschase.co.uk

3) DISARONNO is back with a new animal/safari outfit designed by Roberto Cavalli. Knock up an amaretto sour of enjoy on the rocks. DISARONNO wears Cavalli, £22, harveynichols.com

4) It’s fine to approve of this single-barrel bourbon purely because of the design of the bottle, right? Blanton’s Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon, £42.95, thewhiskyexchange.com

5) We’ve included Konik’s Tail because it remains the best we’ve ever tasted and the man behind the bottle – Pleurat Shabani tells a fascinating and passionate tale of how his dream came to life. Konik’s Tail Vodka 70cl, £29.89, drinksupermarket.com

6) Red, red, red wine, our favourite weekend tipple all year round but it tastes even better in the winter whilst snuggled under a blanket. This 100% Tinta de Toro is aged in French oak for six months – vibrant and full-bodied. Teso La Monja Románico Toro 2013, £10.95, perfectcellar.com

7) They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Last year we made our own Strawberry Gin in honour of a loved one. Now the clever guys at the Silent Pool Distillers have their own version. Albury Limited Gin Cordial 350ml, £20, silentpooldistillers.com

8) A magnum of rosé, oh yes! Best save this one for Christmas day, an average bottle just doesn’t cut it once you’ve had one of these. Mirabeau “Pure” Rosé 2014, £34, mirabeauwine.com

9) Ah, talking of sweet stuff – Chambord! We love this, especially when used to make a Jam Roly Poly Cocktail. Just fill a shot glass 2/3 with Chambord, then layer Advocaat on top. Bung one in your basket when you do your weekly online shop. Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, £6.50, asda.com

10)  Fancy something different? Piccini 1882 Spumante is an alternative to Prosecco – blended with a blend of Glera grapes (used in Prosecco) and Chardonnay. Piccini 1882 Spumante 75cl, Buy any 2 for £14, sainsburys.co.uk