14 Must-Haves For Your Pet From Just £2.49 | Pet Checkout 2015


We pick our favourite pet must-haves. Click on the blue links to buy!

1) Ever imagined your cat as a DJ? I bet there isn’t a cooler cat scratch mat in existence than this! Cat Scratching DJ Deck, £19, redcandy.co.uk

2) Get your own biscuit, Fido! Rosewood Jammy Slobber Biscuit Dog Toy, £2.49, johnlewis.com

3) Now man’s best friend can join you with a beer. Yes, really. Pubs need to stock this stuff. Snuffle Dog Beer, £2.50, petsathome.com

4) Mmm, sun-dried tomato, beetroot, mint, rosemary and peanut butter doggy treats. £3 from the sale of these tins will be donated to Dogs Trust. Enough said. Biscuiteers Days Of The Week Doggy Treats, £35, biscuiteers.com

5) We’ve been looking for a stylish cat food storage solution for ages. Hey presto! Flint Pet Food Tin, £28, willowandstone.co.uk

6) Share a Strawberry Moment with your pooch. Tuff as Nails Strawberry Rubber Dog Toy, £11.95, rokabone.co.uk

7) This little fella was a favourite of our beloved Oscar and now, little Bubble can’t be without it. Kong Cat Softies Patchwork Bear, £3.64, purrfectlypets.co.uk

8) When you’re the world’s most paranoid pet parent, this is just the best thing ever. Much to Ade’s annoyance, I can now regularly check up on Bubble and Squeak wherever I am. And I do. A lot. Motorola Scout 85 WiFi HD Pet Monitor, £79.49, fetch.co.uk

9) Apparently you’re meant to brush your pet’s teeth once a day. Ever tried it? It’s almost impossible, try this instead. Petkin Liquid Oral Care for Dog and Cats, £7.75, amazon.co.uk

10) Aww! This little furry tunnel almost makes me miss having a hamster. Almost. Rosewood Snuggles 2 In 1 Hanging Tunnel & Hammock, £7.99, fetch.co.uk

11) Keep your pet visible when out for walkies, or just for fun around the house. Nite Ize PetLit LED Collar Light, £3.95, niteize.co.uk

12) These cocoa-free dog safe chocolate treats were around when I had a dog as a child. Just don’t let them get confused with your chocolate buttons… Good Boy Chocolate Drop Dog Treats, £1, sainsburys.co.uk

13) We discovered Simon’s Cat on our Norwegian Air flight home from Berlin, they helped ease our nerves and made us smile thinking about coming home to Bubble and Squeak, brilliantly accurate cartoons. Simon’s Cat Ceramic Bowl, £5.99, zooplus.co.uk

14) Bubble and Squeak normally just graze on their dry food, until we tried them on this. They devoured it in minutes, good news for them, bad news for us. Meowing Heads Smitten Kitten, £4.49 for 250g, barkingheads.co.uk