Get £10 Off* That Job You’d Rather Not Do | Fantastic Services

I have to admit that we hadn’t heard of Fantastic Services until they got in touch with us in regard to coming to give our oven a clean. Our immediate answer was ‘yes!’ When it comes to cleaning our oven no one does it better than an expert, we’ve halfheartedly tried with various products and the results are just pathetic.

After a quick Google and a flick through their app, I fell in love with Fantastic Services. Starting out as a small carpet cleaning company based in London, they’ve grown massively and just goes to show how a successful brand can develop. Although they’re mainly based in London and the south-east at the moment, they have plans to expand across the UK.

They have everything we need – handymen, pet sitters, carpet cleaning, domestic cleaning, one-off cleans and much, much more. If we were rolling in it we’d book all these services in a heartbeat. Our bathroom that needs finishing – we decorated it a year ago but after a balls up with the tiles, Ade lost enthusiasm for it. I hassle him on a daily basis to complete the job, nagging a husband to do something always works, right? If that was the case then the patio would be jet-washed, the garden landscaped and the house painted.


Spot the difference… Not hard is it!

Fantastic Cleaners arranged to come on a day that I was working from home, unfortunately they were a couple of hours late due to traffic. But then we do live close to the notorious Dartford Tunnel which is always terrible on a Friday. They called and I told them not to worry, they can come if they still want to or we can rearrange, either way is fine. They came anyway, arriving looking pretty shattered but still professional and polite.

The best bit? They wore those blue plastic shoe covers. We are a shoes-off home but when it comes to workmen coming over, you can’t really ask them to leave their boots at the door. They got to work straight away and declined any offer of tea or a drink, these guys are an absolute dream. No dirty boots and no endless requests for tea! When we had our walls plastered, the builders even had the cheek to SMOKE in the room!

Anyway, I didn’t get to watch how they cleaned the oven as our kittens Bubble and Squeak freaked out having unfamiliar men in the house and scarpered upstairs so I had to hide out in our bedroom to comfort them (the kittens not the cleaners.)

Before I knew it, Ade was back home and the guys were packing up in the kitchen to head home. They use non-toxic products so the kittens were safe to come in the kitchen – not that they wanted to, they were having too much fun upstairs (again, the kittens not the cleaners!)

FANTASTIC SERVICES | FANTASTIC CLEANING | OVEN CLEANING | WE LOVE FOOD, IT'S ALL WE EAT OFFERAs you can see, our hob especially was in a bad way and covered in a layer of grease – nice. The entire oven was sparkly new and I could even see inside the glass, handy to watch those cakes rise, not that I’ve baked for ages, that’s a luxury that we don’t have time for. Our oven clean would have cost roughly £95, that’s for a large range oven and includes the extractor – and then really needed a good sort out.

Fantastic Services have offered a discount to We Love Food readers – £10 off your first service (any service).  I wonder if we can use the discount too, there’s so much we need them to do…

Fantastic Services visited us for free, this does not affect our review in any way. We always write with complete honesty.