14 Barbecue Must Haves From Just £1| Checkout 2015


We pick our favourite BBQ buys, it might not be the weather for it just yet but don’t give up hope… Click on the blue links to buy!

1) The Lotus BBQ is a battery-powered smokeless BBQ, perfect for camping/days at the beach, plus it’s ready to cook on in just 3-4 minutes. We need one for our summer motor home road trip. Lotus grill BBQ in yellow, available in multiple colours, £139, cuckooland.com

2) Making your own burgers is cheaper, tastier and pretty damn easy with a Sagaform BBQ Hamburger Press, £14.99, iwantoneofthose.com

3) Meet the Ozpig, Australian’s fave portable wood-fired stove which has just launched in the UK. Want! £272.98, cnfoutdoors.co.uk

4) How gorgeous is this Very Cook plancha grill with pizza oven? One day we will have one of these, and a pool, just like the video. Available in multiple colours with optional cooking surfaces. Plancha: £289.00, verycook.co.uk. Pizza oven: £159, verycook.co.uk

5) Are you spotting a theme here? We have a bit of a thing for colourful BBQs. This one comes with stainless steel tongs that attach to the barbecue. Landmann Piccolino Portable Charcoal Barbecue. £32.99, amazon.co.uk

6) Not all of us know how to cook BBQ at home like Big Fat Dan. Help is at hand with Pitt Cue Co. – The Cookbook. £17 (hardback) £6.99 (Kindle). amazon.co.uk

7) This sleek gas BBQ is such a bargain, the great thing about these hooded BBQs is you can cook on them any time of the year, saves making the oven dirty. Tesco 4 burner Gas BBQ with side burner, £200, tesco.com

8) A must for Star Wars geeks – turn your Chew-bangers on the grill with a lightsaber, comes complete with sound effects! Lightsaber BBQ Tongs, £24.99, findmeagift.co.uk

9) Don’t let those pesky wasps spoil your barbie fun, invest in some solar wasp jars. Set Of 3 Solar Wasp Jars, £16, next.co.uk

10) Once you’ve cooked a hunk of salmon on some cedar wood, you’ll never look back. Click here for tips from Weber. Weber Firespice Cedar Wood Plank, £12.99, reigategardencentre.co.uk

11) Lighting a BBQ with matches is just stupid, get one of these flexible lighters. Great for candles too so not one of those silly gadgets that you’ll only use once in a blue moon. Zippo Flexible Neck Utility Lighter, £14.50, zippo.co.uk

12) No garden? You can still have a barbecue, albeit a small one. Check out this cool clip-on BBQ built for your balcony. Balcony BBQ, £36.95, prezzybox.com

13) Disposable barbecues are so handy to have lurking around, this one is just £1! Bet you can’t guess where it’s from… OK, so you can’t actually click to buy this one but we just had to include it. Complete Instant BBQ, £1, poundland.co.uk

14) What a stunner! This terracotta stone masonry BBQ has a real holiday vibe to it, squint your eyes and pretend your house is really a villa in Italy. Big K Florida Terracotta Stone Masonry BBQ, £379.99, fads.co.uk