12 Must-Haves For Coffee Lovers | Checkout 2015


We track down some musts for coffee lovers. Most importantly, beans available to buy online. Put the kettle on and get shopping ☕️ Click on the blue links to buy!

1) Remember the ikettle from our Valentine’s Day checkout? Well Smarter have gone one better and created a coffee machine. Brew fresh bean to cup coffee via the power of your smartphone or tablet. Adjust the strength and taste preferences, even set alarms and auto-schedules via the app. Amazing! ⇒ BUY ONLINE: £149.99, Firebox.com

2) CRU Kafe have developed an eco-friendly organically grown Fairtrade coffee Nespresso®-compatible pods, delivered direct to your door. Our Nespresso tester was suitably impressed and she knows her pods. ⇒ BUY ONLINE: £7 for 24 capsules, crukafe.co.uk

3) A coffee grinder is a must (unless you have one built into your machine), coffee tastes so much better freshly ground, plus you can’t beat the smell. Available in four colours. ⇒ BUY ONLINE: £35, Bodum.com

4) We Love Pact Coffee, and they love us as they’ve given us two exclusive offers.
☕️ Offer 1: A FREE Hario V60 filter starter kit with your first £6.95 bag, just tap the code ‘V60free’ when you checkout.
☕️ Offer 2: Get your first bag for just £1 with the code ‘welovecoffee’. This drip system is so easy to use, ideal to have at work and way better than the crappy instant offered in office kitchens. Pact roast their coffee in small batches in Bermondsey and it’s posted out within a week of roasting, oh, and they fit through the letterbox! ⇒ BUY ONLINE: pactcoffee.com

5) Percol have had a re-design of their Fairtrade coffee, not that it’s all about the packaging, but it sure does help. The Black & Beyond is our fave. Available in supermarkets and online. Currently any 2 for £5.50 ⇒ BUY ONLINE: £3.90 for 277g ocado.com

6) You’ve gotta have something nice to drink your coffee from when guests come over, we love these cute Mr Fox design cups by Scion.BUY ONLINE: £30 set of 4 Johnlewis.com

7) Allpress coffee is one of the best and most well-know out there, but I bet you didn’t know you could buy it online? Well you can, with choices of wholebean, cafetiere and filer. If you like your coffee with juicy berry notes, try the new Three Bells Blend. ⇒ BUY ONLINE: From £6.50 for 250g, uk.allpressespresso.com

8) Check out this sexy stainless steel French Press system from Freud. I think we fell for it due to its resemblance of a US fire hydrant, although apparently it’s inspired by the old-time coffee-house culture of Central Europe. ⇒ BUY ONLINE: From £68, freud.eu

9) rijo 42 are the UK’s leading supplier of commercial coffee machines so if you get through a lot of coffee and want to buy in bulk, this is the place to go. ⇒ BUY ONLINE: From £14.16 for 6 x 1kg rijo42shop.co.uk

10) How lovely is this Dexam 2 litre vintage enamel coffee pot and Turkish coffee pot? We use our little one as a milk pan. ⇒ BUY ONLINE: Large pot: £18.45, Turkish pot: £10.25 onlinekitchenware.co.uk

11) For those of you that only drink decaff, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. Has Bean‘s Unleaded Espresso promises ‘Biscuit sweetness with a clean bright acidity, without compromise on the taste.’ We don’t care what it tastes like, just look at the packaging! Love! ? ⇒ BUY ONLINE: From £5 hasbean.co.uk

12) We only recently discovered on our hunt for online coffee that the lovely Notes coffee shop sells great coffee on the web. One of the best we’ve tried, we highly recommended the Nyamasheke PB – 100% peaberry has notes of cranberry and yellow plums. Expensive though, best saved for weekends. ⇒ BUY ONLINE: From £9.20 notes-uk.co.uk