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You already know that we love eating out and trying new restaurants – our website’s name drops a massive hint! So anything that makes booking a restaurant easier is only ever going to be a bonus. Yes we know you can book tables directly with most restaurants, but they are not always that mobile friendly and they don’t offer rewards.

We were asked a while back to give our top five apps for food bloggers, so when we received a email about a new one we thought it was about time to take a quick look (we wouldn’t want to be left behind). This newish app called is called Quandoo – ‘can do’ – get it?

What we liked best about this app was just how easy it is to use. Signing up is a breeze, no long-winded online forms to fill in, signing up is even easier if it’s done via Facebook, no need to remember yet another password. We were signed up in seconds, time to see what this online booking app could do. It’s easy to use on a desktop too, this should be a given but often it’s not.

First you pick the city or country in which you want to dine. As tempted as we were to nip over to Italy to test the app, we thought it best to stick to good old London town. The default screen is sort of a radar come restaurant locator, which finds restaurants that are closest to your current position. plus it flags up restaurants with special offers.

ANDAZ | QUANDOO | WE LOVE FOOD, IT'S ALL WE EATThis is great fun on the train home from the office, new restaurants pop up as we journey further from London back to our home in Kent (we didn’t even know there was a restaurant in Eltham called Yak & Yeti). There’s even an option where you call up an actual map that you can scroll around to find bookable restaurants. It picked up on the brilliant Big Red Pizza bus in Deptford too.

Quandoo also allows you to search restaurants by area (from Aldgate to Wood Green), by type of cuisine (eg coffee and cake or American) and also by price (using an easy £ sign system). So we thought we’d give it a test run. So we’re sat in our office just behind the Tate modern, on the Southbank and really fancy going out for a quick bite tomorrow evening. Log in (via Facebook) – check, search for restaurants close by – check, and the winners are (drum roll please) Baltic and Antico, not a bad selection – we’ve been to both of them. Click on the restaurant you like the look of and up pops up a little map, a sample menu and some further information. Next simply type in the date, time and number of diners and if they have availability you have your reservation! As easy as that!

ANDINA | QUANDOO | WE LOVE FOOD, IT'S ALL WE EATOK, let’s try another scenario. What about a mid priced Latin American restaurant in Shoreditch? What do we get? Andina, again not bad. And the best is yet to come, every time you book a restaurant with Quandoo you receive 100 loyalty points (you get 400 just for signing up!) Once you rack up 1,000 points you get £10 off the bill at participating restaurants. You can redeem up to a maximum of 10,000 (or £100) worth of points in any one go – a great idea to save and spend them for a special occasion (perhaps not a first date though). You can even get bonus points for checking in and uploading photos – so they can start to mount up fairly quickly.

While I was digging around for some info, I found this amazing infographic showing real-time consumption per second of some of Britain’s most famous food and drinks – who knew we Brits drink so tea! Now time to put the iPhone operated ikettle on (yes, there really is such a thing)…

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