Curl’s Best Friend pop-up parlour by Benefit Cosmetics | 26 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 5DE


Pretty in pink… Sofa so good. Photograph: Benefit

Are you a girl? Do you like pink? How about cocktails? Or cupcakes? Or make-up? 99% of females are going to say yes to all of the above which is why Benefit Cosmetics have opened a three-storey pop-up 1950s style beauty parlour on Greek Street. The Curl’s Best Friend pop-up parlour and bar has been set up in conjunction with the launch of their new Roller Lash mascara. Now I’m not a girly girl but I love Benefit and they really know how to make a decent mascara.

benefit-ground_ WE LOVE FOOD, IT'S ALL WE EAT | CURL'S BEST FRIEND.1080x720

Guess what? Yep, more pink… Photograph: Benefit


A non-alcoholic Moscow Mule… All the flavour with none of the kick

On the ground floor is the super kitsch parlour entrance where you can perch on pink vintage chairs under bespoke hair-drier lights (with filament bulbs, natch). The middle floor is where the Benefit girls are offering free make-uppers and advice on how to use the new Roller Lash mascara. Just as well as I have been doing it all wrong. It’s called Roller Lash for a reason – skip to 3.57 minutes on the video below for tips on how to apply.

There’s also brow waxes and tints or curly faux-blows (these aren’t free by the way). Be warned, I wanted to buy everything the make-up girl used on me, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that not all the products are available for purchase at the pop-up.

benefit-noir-bar_ WE LOVE FOOD, IT'S ALL WE EAT | CURL'S BEST FRIEND1080x720

Back to black… Photograph: Benefit

After a fumbled session in the photo booth with my sister we headed up to the third floor where the carpet stops at pink and turns black, a bit like this poor cat. Bar Noir is a nod to their previous mascara They’re Real which was my fave before Roller Lash (and no, no one paid me to say that). The reason I converted was a colleague at work was wearing it and I thought she had falsies on, she tipped me off about the free sample in Elle. It has a hook ‘n’ roll brush that grabs, separates, lifts and curls lashes, based on the principle of hair rollers (hence the 1950s vibe).


Love this picture, but loved the Espresso Martini more

The Noir Bar was the bit we were looking forward to the most, but it was very empty and all we could hear was the staff chatting about work stuff, it was like having a drink in someone’s (very dark) office. However the cocktails were surprisingly good, the non-alcoholic Moscow Mule (£4) we had downstairs came in a copper cup which is always a winner. The Espresso Martini (£7) certainly suited the vibe.

My sister paid for her Roller Lash mascara which she’d picked up from the second floor but wasn’t given a bag, which is half the enjoyment factor of shopping. The payment system is a bit haphazard – combination of an iPad and a card reader but we got there in the end.

As we left a party of girls showed up, we wished they’d been there before as it might have livened it up a bit. Great concept Benefit, just a few little creases to roll out.

The pop-up is open until 27 March. Don’t live in London? Not to worry, it’s going on the road from 17 April – tour dates to follow.
Curls Best Friend, 26 Greek Street,
Soho, London W1D 5DE

Open from 27th February until end of March 2015

Tuesday to Saturday 11am-11pm (Noir bar open from 7pm)

To book call 020 3620 4747
or via the Curls Best Friend By Benefit mobile app on Apple/Android

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We visited as guests of Benefit, this does not affect our review in any way. We always write with complete honesty.