All you need for a summer barbecue | Checkout BBQ Guide, Summer 2014

CHECK OUT BBQ | BBQ ROUND-UP | BBQ GUIDE | BARBEQUE | WE LOVE FOOD IT'S ALL WE EAT1) Made from tough and durable melamine this pretty floral Iza Pearl Designs ‘Garden Party Cha Cha’ non-spill tray is a BBQ must. £11.99,

2) If it’s just the two of you, this space-saving barbecue grill from Bodum has dual levels, allowing you to cook meats and vegetables simultaneously. £49.99,

3) We love this Cook’s Essentials thermal container set with a removable ceramic dish, it keeps food cold for up to four hours and warm up to three hours. No more keeping things warm in the oven! £42.12,

4) You need somewhere pretty to sit, go mix and match crazy with this pastel vintage-style Primrose garden furniture range. Chair £59.99, Table £64,

5) I love this white cast aluminium Perth bistro set purely because it reminds me of the garden furniture I had as a child, just try not to spill anything on it. £176.40, – Hurry, it’s in the sale!

6) BBQs are messy enough at the best of times, save washing up with these IKEA Överlägsen kids cups. 75p for 6,

7) This Weber Spirit Classic E210 gas barbecue is on our lust list, it’s the most affordable of the trusted range and features a built-in thermometer, fold away tables and a whopping 25 year warranty. £399,

8) It’s not all about the meat, greenery is required too. Steve’s Leaves are great, the Persian Cress and Fennel Tops varieties add a bit of punch to your salads £1.40,

9) Wahaca can do no wrong, fire up your meat by drizzling on their new street food inspired chilli sauces including Smoky Chipotle, Fruity Habanero and Fiery Arbol. £1.99,

10) Talking of spice, good old M&S have come up trumps with their Grill range such with these Chilli Cheese Posh Dogs. £4.50 for six,

11) Know any fussy beer drinkers? This St Stefanus Belgian Abbey beer is brewed to mature in the bottle, how cool is that? £2.65,

12) Ah, the Big Green Egg… This is high up on the above mentioned lust list. Great for smoking and it reaches your precise cooking temperature within a matter of minutes, they’re used by top chefs too, available in five sizes with the largest XXL launching this summer. £550 for a small one,

13) For lazy folk like us, Sainsbury’s have a whopping choice of BBQ food, like these Beef Grills Chipotle & Monterey Jack Cheese Grills. Their Taste the Difference Brioche Burger Buns are really good too. Grills £4, Buns £1 for two,

14) Summer isn’t summer without Pimm’s, but as we know it can cost a bomb if you have guests over. Cheat with Austin’s Summer Punch once your friends are too drunk to tell the difference. £5.99,

15) Disposable doesn’t have to mean plain and boring as the Pretty Little Party Shop prove with their mint hearts plates. £3.49 for 8,

16) Ocado’s thin cut BBQ pork loin chops cook super fast and taste so tender, we also love The Fresh Chicken co Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings. Pork £4 for three, Wings, £2.89, Ocado

17) OK, so not strictly a barbecue item but these Oreo ice-cream sandwiches are AMAZING. Six for £3.09,

18) Just what we’ve always wanted – a drinks trolley for the garden! This sturdy wooden B&Q number can double up as a side table or you can use it to ferry food around. £49,

19) Whizz up a ‘cocktail’ in two seconds with a splash of Chase Elderflower liqueur in your Prosecco/Cava/Champagne. £20,

20) If there’s not enough spice in this round-up already,  there certainly is now with the Rib Man’s dry rub, our advice – use with caution. £3.50,