Mock Donalds | The Byron Burger Club #01

Byron Burger Club | Mockdonalds | We Love Food, It's All We Eat

Now this is one club even Groucho Marx would be happy to join!

Another week and another excuse to visit Byron, not that we ever need an excuse to try any of Fred Smith‘s creations. Last week it was the launch of The Byronosauraus Rex, this week we were invited to the first ever Byron Burger Club event. And what an amazing theme too, Byron tried to keep it a secret but a few Instagram pics and a couple of tweets let the burger out of its wrapping. Well you can’t keep something this good undercover for too long – it was the picture of the peeled apples that got Saff’s mind ticking over. As soon as she saw it she leapt to the conclusion of a McDonald’s apple pie. Mock Donalds was Fred’s inspired interpretation of the famous golden arched burger chain’s menu. The £20 tickets had to be purchased in advance, but you had to be quick – they sold out fast! The venue was the Hoxton Square branch and the from the moments we were handed a red tray with a printed place mat, we knew it was going to be a top night.We couldn’t keep our eyes off the projector looping retro McDonald’s TV ads. I’d never heard of the McDLT, thankfully it is nothing to do with Dave Lee Travis (he has enough problems) but it did star a young Jason Alexander, of Seinfeld fame, dancing and singing about hot beef and cool lettuce and tomato. Click here to witness the ad for yourself! (remember you won’t be able to un-see it).
Byron Burger Club | Mockdonalds | We Love Food, It's All We Eat

A place for everything and everything in its place… I’m down with OCD, yeah you know me!

Served in brilliantly designed tongue-in-cheek packaging the £20 ticket got us…
1) A can of Byron lager, pale ale or a glass of wine.
2) A bag of Chicken Mock Nuggets – breaded and deep-fried buttermilk chicken served their spicy BBQ sauce. This is how all chicken nuggets should taste.
3) A large portion of triple-cooked Mock Fries, maybe a little too crunchy.
Byron Burger Club | Mockdonalds | We Love Food, It's All We Eat

Chicken Mock Nugget photobombed Mock Cheeseburger’s starring role!

4) A Mock Cheeseburger. Fred’s take on the classic cheeseburger, his version was at least four times bigger and ten times tastier than the Maccy D original. It was a simple yet delicious, 100% beef patty, glazed bun, house cheese, chopped onions, sour pickles, ketchup and American mustard.
5) A Hard Mock Shake. One of the best alcoholic shakes we’ve had. Vanilla, malt, Maker’s Mark Kentucky Bourbon and maple syrup. What’s not to love?
Byron Burger Club | Mockdonalds | We Love Food, It's All We Eat

Feeling hot, hot, hot…

6) A ‘Hotter than Hell’ Mock Apple Fry. Sweet cinnamon spiced stewed apple in that familiar deep-fried shell.
Yep, all that for £20. Bargain. Sign up here and you too could be invited to new openings, tastings, street food parties and other events. Plus you’ll be amongst the first to hear about any future one-off club nights. We can’t wait for the next one, not just to get another stamp on our loyalty card but to walk out with full bellies and massive a smile on our faces. Good work fella!
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