All we want for Christmas… | Checkout Christmas edition 2013

We Love Food, It's All We Eat Christmas Checkout1) Massively regretting agreeing to no presents this year from Ade. Am in love with this ring, it even comes in a paper burger box. Gold burger ring from Goldie Rox, £169

2) Ade refuses to wash up our old french press due to the coffee granules going everywhere, help is at hand with this clever groundskeeper device, so no excuses now. OXO French press with groundskeeper, £34.99

3) Christmas for us means homemade sloe gin, well it would have if my mother-in-law hadn’t stolen all the sloes for herself. Best made with a good quality gin. Tanqueray London Dry Gin, £26.60

4) Hurrah! A Christmas snack that isn’t fruity, spicy or chocolatey. Thank you M&S for these deliciously light snacks. Frosted lemon pretzels, £3

5) We adore cobnuts and the lovely Potash Farm have a great range of nutty delights, including a cobnut brittle. Chocolate and Kentish cobnut fudge, £5.25

6) Marshmallows have come a long way, some amazing flavours out there and they’re low-fat, yey! The Marshmallowists blueberries with Portobello Road gin £6,

7) Traditional Christmas cake is so boring, for those like me who aren’t keen on fruit cake, try an American vanilla layer cake instead. The Hummingbird Bakery vanilla sponge Christmas cake, £27.95

8) Polpetto’s Florence Knight’s first cookbook, each chapter focuses on recipes built around one particular store cupboard ingredient, such as ketchup, oil, salt and honey. One: A Cook and Her Cupboard by Florence Knight, £14.25

9) Who knew Moonpig did gifts as well as cards? The Christmas hamper features a personalised bottle of very easy to drink red wine. Moonpig Christmas Food Lover’s Hamper, £45

10) For the person who has everything, this huge touchscreen can be used on surface table tops or hung from the wall, to stream TV and radio or to display recipes. HP Slate21 HD touchscreen, £329

11) Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas without the Snowman. Thorntons The Snowman™ and The Snowdog chocolate model, £10

12) Boxing day = leftovers and usually a lot of cheese, this huge range of biscuits come in a pretty inner tray. Flavours include Earthy Beetroot & Horseradish Shards and Firey & Flavoursome Jalapeño Melts. Thomas J Fudge’s biscuits, from £2.40

13) A vital ingredient for festive baking, but this cute tin is too lovely to open. Lyle’s Golden Syrup ‘Bake, Eat & Be Merry’ festive edition tin, £1.19

14) For something different from the white fizz on Christmas day, we prefer something a little more colourful. Hardys Crest Sparkling Rose, £9.99

15) Our favourite time to eat at Dishoom is Christmas, the turkey raan is back and it is truly one of the most amazing things we’ve ever eaten. Don’t miss the mince pies and Egg Nog chai. Christmas menu at Dishoom, from £30pp

16) These genius hand cut soapstone cubes from the oldest soapstone mill in Vermont aren’t just for whisky. Suitable for all spirits they cool your drink without diluting it. Teroforma Whisky Stones, £20

17) This piece of kit is would impress coffee geeks and make your kitchen look like a science lab/hipster coffee bar. Hario Syphon “Technica” 2 Cup coffee machine, £95

18) The best shop by far in Brighton is Utility – packed full of retro delights including carbolic school soap, enamel crockery and hob kettles. Utility Brighton’s Red lid jar, £1.75

19) Give to a charity that needs it most by hosting a food event in aid of Pancreatic Cancer. This type of cancer receives less than 1% of cancer research funding from the National Cancer Research Institute and is often detected late.

20) Escape from it all in beautiful Cornwall, get stuck in learning how to prepare and cook seafood. Rick Stein’s Cookery Breaks in Padstow, from £255