The limited edition Ginger Pig Bacon Naan Roll at Dishoom

Dishoom Ginger Pig Bacon naan, We Love Food, It's All We Eat

The best bacon sandwich in the world

Just when we didn’t think it was possible to love Dishoom any more than we already do, they have teamed up with rare breed pig specialists The Ginger Pig to create the limited edition Ginger Pig bacon naan roll £6. Their acclaimed bacon buttie and Time Out’s Best Meat Dishes in London has been pimped up for one month only.

Sweet naan with chargrilled smoked streaky bacon from herds of Tamworth, Old Spot, Berkshire and Plum Pudding pigs, joined by Dishoom’s tomato chilli jam, cream cheese and fresh coriander. The meat is dry cured for five days using a mix of rock salt, curing salt and Demerara sugar, before being cold smoked overnight.

We took the kids for their first ever Dishoom experience this morning to try it. One is the fussiest eater known to man and the other eats everything, and anything in sight, but whilst appreciating good food.

It was without doubt one of the best breakfasts Ade and I have ever had – thick sweet bacon wrapped in fluffy warm naan, the chilli jam delivering just the right amount of spice, spot on as always Dishoom. We must make more of an effort to jump in the car at the weekend and come for breakfast, worth the forty-minute drive. Next time I’ll also be having the Akuri – spicy scrambled eggs with fire toast and grilled vine tomatoes.

The kids loved it too, Charlotte, 9 (the fussy one) slowly and lovingly ate hers – no complaints. Meanwhile, Oliver, 11¾ did all he could to make his last, this I have not seen before. ‘I don’t want it to end!’ he pleaded, which I think means ‘Can I have another one?’ He even said the tap water at Dishoom was ‘the best tap water I’ve ever had in my life’. Think we have another Dishoom wallah on our hands…

Available at Covent Garden and Shoreditch restaurants from Monday 7th October to Saturday 2nd November, priced at £6 and served from 8am until 11.30am during the week and until 12pm at weekends.

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Dishoom Ginger Pig Bacon naan, We Love Food, It's All We Eat

Don’t forget the chai