The ‘ultimate’ BBQ guide

With summer fully underway (eight days of sun counts as summer!), we know you’ll be gearing up for barbecue weather! Take a look below for Wren’s definitive guide to barbecuing – from marinades to meat temperatures, they’ve left no lump of charcoal unturned, so that you can just relax and enjoy yourself! They have split the guide up into easily digestible section that you can print off and stick up in your kitchen for easy reference. So all that’s left for you to do is crack open a good beer or mix up a cocktail and get cooking…

But if you really want to eat out and let the experts do the cooking then you really can’t go wrong at these three… BBQWhiskeyBeer, Duke’s Brew & Cue and Big Easy BBQ & Crabshack.

Happy (and messy) eating!

Ultimate BBQ Cooking Guide

Infographic by Wren Kitchens