Ben & Jerry’s NEW ‘Peanut Butter Me Up’ and ‘Blondie Brownie’ Core Ice-cream


Woody looked very, very, very, very pleased to see me!

So it’s not every day that you get invited for an evening out posing for photos with a heifer, having your nails painted with a very fetching cow-print pattern and receiving a relaxing neck massage whilst watching a video on cattle welfare!

Well this wasn’t your average evening… We were extremely lucky to be amongst the first people in the UK to have tasted Ben & Jerry’s NEW ‘Peanut Butter Me Up’ and ‘Blondie Brownie’ Core Ice-cream. Delicious they are too.


What will be your favourite?

After I stopped getting flirty with Woody The Cow (loved her big brown eyes) we were given a tub of each flavour. Ben & Jerry’s have hit the flavour jackpot once again…

UK fans have been pestering Ben & Jerry’s for a peanut butter variety for ages and finally B&J’s have come up with the goods. ‘Peanut Butter Me Up’ is based on the US favourite combo of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It has a ‘core’ of raspberry jam with vanilla ice-cream down one side and peanut butter ice-cream down the other. With plenty of peanut butter cup chunks thrown in for good measure. This was my favourite by far! It reminded me of my beloved peanut butter and jelly ice-cream sandwich at Spuntino.

The second flavour, the ‘Blondie Brownie’, was Saff’s favourite. A think rich core of salted caramel flanked by brownies in chocolate ice-cream and blondies in vanilla ice-cream. What’s not to love?

After Saff’s cow-print nail paint job and a quick neck squeeze I watched a video on how the cows are treated on the Ben & Jerry’s farm in Amsterdam. They really are spoilt cows! They are milked when they want to be milked, have a robotic back scratcher and even a mattress that replicates grass to sleep on…


Cow print and cleaver…

We signed Ben & Jerry’s ‘Happy cows campaign‘ and made our way into the night to dine on steak at Flat Iron… Did we feel like guilty hypocrites? Nah!

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