Paul a Young’s chocolate pop-up shop at The Folly

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From Monday October 8th till Wednesday October 31st London’s finest chocolatier Paul a Young will be taking over the Deli area at The Folly with a pop-up store. They’ve created a new blend of hot chocolate for them and all of the Drake and Morgan group, which means we can get it at our local The Refinery. Plus there’s an exclusive chocolate bar imaginatively called The Folly. Created with three single origin Madagascan chocolates, pink peppercorns and freeze-dried strawberries, so good!

We popped in and found the shelves adorned with every kind of flavour combination imaginable, and some unimaginable! Paul’s latest creation is a Ginger Pig black pudding chocolate, not available at The Folly but at his shops in Soho. Islington and Bank.

Decisions, decisions…

Paul obviously has a unique palate and has earned his status as one of the world’s best chocolatiers. He has a reputation of being a ‘flavour alchemist’, and often tries flavour combos that are a bit off the wall, but he gets it right. The spiced pumpkin pie was delicious, my favourite.

The tequila truffle was so light and soft centered, somehow had a 20 second taste bud time delay – amazing. Am not normally one for combining chocolate and booze but this really was good.

The more traditional truffles (Champagne) were brilliant too, although Ade did have his eye on a bar of Marmite chocolate. With Paul’s creativity and new chocolates being created all the time, let’s hope this pop-up becomes a more permanent fixture.
41 Gracechurch Street  

London EC3V 0BT

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