Kentish Cobnuts from Potash Farm

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A load of nuts… Fresh from Saff’s dad’s garden

To be honest with you, the first time that I heard of Cobnuts was last summer when my son cracked one open and a shard of shell hit him in the eye… Not a great start to a review you may think, but the point of this little story is although my son was in agony, with a puffy and bloodshot eye, he continued to munch on these nuts.

Saff was already a big fan, having been a readily available snack in her back garden as a child. I grabbed a handful to see just what was so good about them. Well they are very similar in size and taste to hazelnuts (they’re from the same family) but seem to have a fuller flavour. Maybe this was because they were fresh from my father-in-law’s tree in his Surrey home.

I’ve pointed out the fact this tree was in the Surrey hills not as act of snobbery but because cobnuts are usually grown in Kent. And that’s exactly where Potash Farm is, in the village of St Mary’s Platt (between Sevenoaks and Maidstone). They are the first farm to sell these delicious Kentish Cobnuts in their green, golden and de-husked states.

Potash farm, Madrid, We Love Food, It's All We Eat

Handmade toasted cobnut brittle

If that is enough for you then the icing on the cobnut cake (now there’s an idea…) is the fact that they also supply a wide range of confectionary and nutty gifts. The Cobnut Brittle was Saff’s favourite, not too hard as to break her teeth and loaded with the nuts.

Potash farm, We Love Food, It's All We Eat

Loved this fudge…

I fell in love with the Toasted Kentish Cobnut Fudge, so much so that Saff had to hide the packet from me. The traditionally made fudge isn’t a creamy Cornish variety, but more like the ‘tablet’ style. It has just the right amount of crushed, toasted nuts, any more and the fudge would have been too dry.

Potash farm, We Love Food, It's All We Eat

Nuts oh Cobnuts, ooh! Potash take them and they cover them in chocolate…

We popped some of the Chocolate coated Cobnuts on some coffee ice-cream, a fab alternative to chocolate coated coffee beans, the flavours were an amazing combo. But the good quality dark chocolate is more than good enough to be eaten straight out of the box.

For more info on the full range of produce and gifts please go to their on-line shop.

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