The Super Bowl Grab Burger at The Diner Soho

Grab life (like the burger) with both hands...

This week we popped into the Soho branch of The Diner to try their new Grab Burger. It was launched on 31 January in time for the Super Bowl, and it’s available for £9 (which includes fries) until Sunday 12th February… So grab it while you can, get it?

What's in the bags? A) Two grey kittens B) A couple of burgers C) $50,000 in non- sequential used bank notes. See below pic for the answer...

It arrives in a Diner logo emblazoned paper bag, the burger wrapped in Diner greaseproof paper and the fries in their own little paper cup. We felt like we were eating an adult version of a kids party meal.

The burger itself is described as an American double cheeseburger made with two 4oz USDA short rib patties heartily seasoned and cooked medium rare, three slices of US cheese, USA sauce, dill pickles, shredded lettuce and ketchup in a Harvey Rinkoff Bakery bun.

... and the answer is B) A couple of burgers. Did you guess correctly?

Not one, not two, but three slices of cheese.

Saff: 'Who needs cheese!'

It was juicy, meaty and messy, exactly how any burger worth its salt should be. The bun was soft and absorbent although I still got through more than the acceptable amount of napkins. The burger slid around within it but that’s all part of the fun. It was a million times better than the last burger I had – naming no names, which didn’t even taste of burger. We are not in any way burger connoisseurs, but we know what tastes good.

Going, going, gone!

The fries tasted different to how I remember when I last visited, they were crunchy with a very slight sour tang,  just like Burger King fries, which is no bad thing but it kind of confused my brain. Burger competition in London is high at the moment, we loved The Diner‘s and enjoyed it just as much as  MEATliquor‘s Dead Hippie. We can’t wait for their next special, we were told they’re doing some new creations for July 4th and the Olympics, no doubt they will be equally as fantastic They’re genius at creating something delicious for special occasions – we’re still gutted that we missed The Diablo, their Halloween special . For more on The Diner, read our very old review here

Super Bowl night is on Sunday 5th Feb at the Soho branch, £40 for the burger, fries, six beers, a few shots, nacho grazing AND cheerleaders! Amazing value. There were only a few tickets left so be quick, call on the number below.

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