Cinnamon Kitchen, 9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YL

Simple and modern decor… But with some great design touches.

This was our first London restaurant visit of the year, a week after our honeymoon in Thailand, so forgive us for being a little rusty. Still jet-lagged we ventured off to Liverpool Street to dine at the renowned Cinnamon Kitchen, sister restaurant to the prestigious Cinnamon Club. It’s tucked away in Devonshire Square, near Liverpool Street so it’s definitely a food lovers destination rather than having to rely on any passing trade. Headed up by executive chef Vivek Singh, who is set to open his third venture – Cinnamon Soho on Kingly Street on 15th March.  The head chef will be Ramachandran Raju worked at both Cinnamon Club and Cinnamon Kitchen, the new site will be a cooler and more informal younger sister of the three restaurants.

The restaurant was really busy considering it was early on a Tuesday night, 90% city workers made the place feel quite formal, but it was buzzy and great for people watching. I wish that we had sat by the huge open kitchen with dramatic views of flaming pans. Serving up modern Indian cuisine, the menu is short and so simply worded that we found we had to ask our waiter for a bit more information on some of the dishes.

Saffron – Martini, Ade – Bellini

We started with a cocktail (again!), I had to have the Saffron Martini Saffron infused bulldog gin, pear puree, orgeat syrup, & apple juice £8, it was a bit odd to have Saffron in a drink at first but it really grew on me. Ade’s Cinnamon Bellinicinnamon tea, Goldschlager & cinnamon syrup £8 was refreshing but he thought it could have done with a splash more Goldschlager to up the cinnamon flavour.

We were given a little pre-starter of spiced potato fritters with gooseberry chutney, I can’t remember the last time we went anywhere that did this, a nice touch. We also had the selection of three homemade breads £5.00 and three homemade chutneys £3 – one full of sweet tomatoes, a gorgeous green pea and mint, with a subtle hit of mustard oil and a gentle chilli dip, which was not as hot as we were warned.

Rib tickling good!

A lone prawn… It needed a friend

Ade had the Charred pork back ribs, hot and sweet glaze £7.00 to start, he stole my choice so instead I opted for the Chargrilled king prawn, organic salmon £10.00. Both were great, and Ade donated one of his ribs… they did what ribs should do – fell off the bone and melted in the mouth. The chargrilled prawn was so good I wished that there had been two.

Cup-a-soup anyone?

Next we were presented with a middle-course with consisted of an espresso cup of Corn soup  – which is prepared with a combination of corn kernels, ginger, onions and milk – so rich that maybe it should have been served in a shot glass!  A Yoghurt kebab – yoghurt hung overnight , folded with fresh vegetables and spices and seared on a griddle. And also a Grilled Aubergine – Japanese aubergines marinated and grilled, served with tamarind chutney and roasted peanut, the combination of these ingredients magically gave the impression that we were munching on a mini jacket potato…

A good portion…

By now I was getting a little full but wasn’t too worried as I didn’t expect my main to be very big – wrong! It was a very good-sized portion. We’d also ordered the amazing Masala mashed potatoes £3.50 and Stir-fried greens with cumin & garlic £3.50. My French black leg chicken, curry leaf quinoa £18.00 stuffed with wild mushrooms and slow cooked onion, surprisingly rich, but the heaviness was reduced by the delicate quinoa and crunchy pak choi.

Ade’s new ‘last supper’

Ade was in love with his main, Chargrilled rump of K lamb, corn sauce £21.00, he kept saying he didn’t want it to end. He was even worried about trying mine in case it took away any of the flavour of the perfectly grilled and spiced lamb!

The passion fruit tart was good… But the biscuit was the winner!

Ice-cream’s best Jedward impression failed to impress the local tart…

Dessert of Passion fruit tart with clotted cream ice-cream and peppered orange biscotti £6.00 was a bit like a cross between a creme brûlée and a tart, what a combination. The orange biscotti was so crumbly and gorgeous, I could eat a whole plate of them. Ade’s Indian banana tarte tatin with thandai ice-cream £6.50 was studded with aniseed in a shouldn’t work but did kind of way. The bananas were sticky and sweet, the pastry crisp but not crumbly and the caramel sauce was a brilliant addition.

The Cinnamon Kitchen is definitely a good choice for a special occasion or a blow-out meal. We loved the subtle Indian flavours and can imagine the atmosphere to be a little more relaxed when the garden terrace is open in the summer.

Cinnamon Kitchen & Anise
9 Devonshire Square,
London EC2M 4YL
Nearest tube – Liverpool Street.
Tel: 0207 626 5000

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday
Breakfast: 07:00 – 10:00
Lunch: 12:00 – 14:45
Monday to Saturday
Dinner: 18:00 – 22:45