Mexican Lasagne, inspired by The My Daddy Cooks book, by Nick Coffer

Mexican lasagne

This recipe is genius, we saw Nick and Archie, aka My Daddy Cooks make it at the Real Food Festival last Sunday. Archie made his own version, I recall it involved chocolate and vinegar, and whatever else he could get his hands on. Nick and Archie’s father and son video blog is so lovely, and seeing them cook together last weekend was even better, Archie is hilarious, playing up to the laughter of the audience. I think Ade’s laugh was possibly the loudest.

Ade suggested we make it for the kids this weekend, I realised they hadn’t seen any of Nick and Archie’s videos so we showed them this one from the Real Food Festival, they were hooked. Oliver loves to cook also, and was impressed that Archie knew his rosemary from his oregano, at just three-and-a-half-years-old.

Ade, Oliver and Charlotte watching In case you're wondering what Charlotte is wearing on her face, they're onion goggles

The recipe is basically chilli layered with flour tortillas, and finished off with a layer of crème fraiche, grated cheese and spring onions. This it the recipe I used for my chilli, I had to make an extra version which was naked on top, my hatred of cheese and cheesey products is a real pain. It was the best thing I’ve cooked in ages, and so easy, proper hearty comfort food, I can’t wait to get my hands on the book to try out some more recipes. Especially as even Charlotte liked this one, and she’s the fussiest eater in the whole entire world.

I first heard of Nick and Archie when I read an article about them in a London paper last year, I tweeted Nick and before I knew it, a friendship blossomed. He has offered advice on my step-daughter Charlotte’s fussy eating and it’s so nice that as her fussiness improves, it’s one of his recipes that she loves.


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