Homemade Oreo cookies

I wanted to make something for my mother in-law to-be for Mother’s Day (my mother is not an option, long and depressing story).

On the way home from work on the train, I had a little scour of Edd Kimber’s blog, clicked on ‘chocolate’ under categories, and discovered these Homemade Oreo cookies. They looked slightly ambitious for me, but I bravely decided to give them a go anyway.

I’m not much of a baker, so it’s always a bit of a risk when I take on a new recipe. I don’t like the mess of baking, and it takes so long. Hats off to those like Edd that do this for a living. I do like making muffins though, and had that planned this weekend, bough butermilk and everything. Still haven’t decided what type to make.

So anyway, I made my dough, it looked like a pitiful amount, so I made another batch. My step-children turned up at this point, so I set them to work in the kitchen and they produced two perfect looking balls of dough, so much better than mine. I discovered at this point that @thetablecafe was also baking, so we decided to have a bake-off. Not sure how we decide who won. I think it should be me, due to the sheer volume that I made.


Three and a half hours later, I had made roughly thirty Oreos. I wasn’t planning on making that many, and I’m certainly not going to give them all to my mother in-law, (not that she doesn’t deserve it). Ade tested one and decided I hadn’t put enough filling in, so I had to take them all apart and put more in. He was happy then. Hope my mother in-law will be. I am also giving them to a lovely man I know, someone who has been very kind and generous to me. If I said what his relationship was to me, you wouldn’t believe such a thing.

I was surprised that they taste so much like Oreos, which sounds silly. I think they taste even better. Thanks for the inspiration Edd.

Here’s the recipe from the talented and lovely Edd Kimber’s blog, http://he-eats.com/2009/05/02/homemade-oreos/
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