Retro Recipes

It was Boxing Day morning, we were awake early with yet another hangover in one of my cousin’s old bedrooms in Birmingham. All her old books and toys are still in the bedroom, so we had a little nose through the books.

We found the loveliest cookery book, called My learn to cook book by Ursula Sedgwick, illustrations by Martin Mayhew.

Excuse the stains

We decided to make use of my photographer dad, and asked him to take the following photos of our favourite recipes.


And here’s our version of Ox-Eye eggs. With a few added sausages in maple bacon on the side.

Our attempt at Ox-Eye eggs

I was surprised by the amount of attention my tweets regarding this book and my eggs got on Twitter, I ended up in discussions with @DomesticJules, @mydaddycooks, and @schooldinners, who had another book in the series. @thetablecafe might include it in his breakfast/brunch menu, although to him it was known as Egg in a Hole. I think his version will be better than mine.

And here’s a recipe for Apple Snow, we’ve yet to make this, it was my cousin’s favourites.

Apple Snow

In case you don't know how to boil an egg (I've only just perfected this)

There are eight copies for sale on Amazon, the cheapest is £15, and the most expensive, £67.56! Eek.