Dishoom, 12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9FB


Well, this has got to be one of our best dining experiences of the year, alongside The Table, for love and attention to food and the customer.

It had been on ‘the hit list’ for a couple of months, and were very hyped up about our visit, and it sure didn’t disappoint in any way. We took my best-man to be Keith along, and we were all wowed from the minute we walked in the door. Who knew somewhere right next to Stringfellows could be so special!

The entrance

Rules are there to be broken

We loved the colonial India feel (reminded us of a proper old-school dining room), we even loved the floor and the medicine cabinet in the toilets. (Please excuse the blurry photo)


There was the most diverse clientele we’d ever seen, from a bunch of slightly scary looking boys, very ‘street’, on one table, to a rather well-to-do family on another complete with, slightly depressingly,  iPads and iPhones and very little conversation!

We were greeted by our lovely waiter who explained the signature dishes, and was very patient while we agonised over the menu for at least twenty minutes.

Mmm, chai

We started with a Chai each, which was gorgeous, and then I had a Chaijito (an Indian take on my favourite Mojito, made with chai-infused rum), the boys had a Bombalada (Pineapple, coconut milk, rum, herbs and spices – a Bombay-twisted classic) and a slightly girly Bollybellini (rose, lychee and raspberry Bellini).


Then it was Vegetable Samosas, Bombay Sausages and Dishoom Calamari, which was the best Calamari I have ever had, in a gorgeous sweet lime and chili sauce. I am now a Calamari convert, thanks Dishoom.

Beer and samosas

Then it was Lamb Boti Kabab, Chicken Berry Biryani, steamed Basmati Rice, Roti Bread, and Naan. So many pleasant murmurs from the boys as we enthusiastically shared our dishes . Everything was exceptional, and I can’t wait to try the other dishes that I was deliberating over next time.

Is it a dog? Is it a seahorse? Is it Rio Ferdinand? Or is it a torn piece of roti bread?


There was no way we were leaving without trying a dessert despite being so full that we could barely move. We went for a Pistachio Kulfi, and a couple of Gola IcesPassion fruit and ginger and Pomegranate and chilli. The Gola Ices are little jars of flavoured crushed ice, a perfect ending.

Then we noticed the Bombay Coke on the menu, and after asking our waiter to describe it to us, we split a bottle between us. A bit more Rola-Cola than Coke, sweet vet slightly fragrant and washing-powdery. Nice bottle though!

Perfect dessert

Rola Cola

And how cool are these 20% off vouchers that we were given with our bill!

As we left, I wanted to shout to all the people queuing for Jamie’s Italian next door, to go to Dishoom instead, because they are really missing out.

Dishoom Revisited…
We have since returned to Dishoom three times. The second visit I bought ten of my work colleagues for a belated Christmas meal, they ALL loved it, even the fussy ones (naming no names…) It was so nice to hear their positive comments about the dishes and discussing the food with each other. Here at NOW, we have the occasional Beer & Curry night, where we are subjected to microwaved food and the most shocking servive I have ever known. The whole night is stressful and all anyone talks about is how crap it is. Luckily we are not going back there again, I refuse to use my hard-earned cash to pay for such things. At Dishoom we were well looked after, nothing was too much trouble, and everything was cooked perfectly.

And even better, three of my colleagues have been back for another visit and loved it even more.

Dishoom now call me an Uber Dishoom Wallah.

Dishoom 12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane London WC2H 9FB

Tel: 020 7420 9320

Reservations for 6 or more

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 11pm
Friday: 8am – 12am
Saturday: 10am – 12am
Sunday: 10am – 10pm

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