Soup warms our souls

We eat a lot of soup. Especially as a cheap work lunch, I think we have tried almost every kind of soup there is. Apart from Waitrose‘s Thai green chicken soup, nothing had really excited us for ages. (Which by the way, is great for dinner if you add some noodles and naan bread, I know naan is strictly Indian, but it works.) Thai green curry is my all-time favourite meal, I could eat it every night. This doesn’t actually taste as authentic, but it’s still lovely. I almost wish they wouldn’t call things Thai green when it’s not. Only leads to disappointment. Talking of Thai, we are soon to be taking a trip to the not yet opened, Ora, on Little Portland Street, will report back in due course.

Waitrose Thai Green Chicken Soup

Anyway, then Glorious! Soup came along, every single flavour we have tried has been gorgeous (I admit, that is only about four, that’s all our supermarket stocks, but still).

These are our favourites:

Sunny Thai Chicken

Malaysian Chicken

Tuscan Chicken & Orzo

Tonight, Waitrose sadly didn’t have any of our favourite soup, so we’ve made do with Sainsbury’s Malay chicken laksa soup, it’s Taste the Difference though… I bet it won’t beat Eat‘s.

By the way, this is my I-have-a-pile-of-my-boyfriend’s-ironing-to-do-and-I-can’t-be-arsed-to-cook-tonight-dinner.